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Endeavours to resolve the problem among Awlad Soror and Awlad


Initiative Sudan University for science and technology (conflict transformation) is a forum for reconciliation across the Missiriya and formed a Federation of the Conciliation Committee between Awlad haiban& Awlad Soror under the umbrella of the Center for the study and culture of peace in Sudan University for science and technology under the auspices of Mr./Director University Professor Hashem Ali Salem and in implementation of the strategy and culture studies centre of 2012, which aims to promote a culture of peace between war-affected entities, employing traditional methodology in conflict resolution, consolidation of the values of tolerance and solidarity And sharing, transfer, and strengthen and guide the activities of the Centre for community service and contributing to the development and development, specialized counselling and services to all actors in the areas of the Centre, and the Committee has fully covered the Auditorium of the University and which includes (42) two and forty individuals as well as Director of the Center for peace studies and culture Professor Haji Aba Adam and individual studies and research Dr. abolghassem gor

(الملف المرفق)